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Shipping overview

A new year, a new shipping overview. With the start of the new year we want to introduce a new way of viewing shipping for our customers. 



What is going to change?
We have changed the first view when you log in to your SendCloud account. It is a lot easier to see your parcels by status:
- Ready to send
- Shipped
- Cancelled
- Action required

In this article we explain the meaning of these statusses and how you use the new view to take quick action on shipping your parcels! 


1. First status: Ready to send

When you have imported your orders from your webshop integration, or you have made an order in the 'new shipment' and announced the order. Your order can be find in the 'ready to send view'. Here are all the 'grey' status parcels. This is your personal 'to-do' list of parcels. 

When you have shipments in this overview, you can see what is need to be picked up still, or you have to take to the postal office. 

It is possible to search parcels by name of the customer, or by tracking code. 


From this view it is also possible to cancel your orders by checking them and choose 'cancel' (red button on the right). 

When they are cancelled they will show in the 'cancelled' tab (see step 3). 

2. Second status: Shipped

In the 'shipped' tab you can see parcels that are on their way or already shipped to your customers. These are the parcels with a 'orange' or 'green' status. You can not  cancel these shipments anymore. 

It is possible to search parcels by name of the customer, or by tracking code. 


3. Third status: Cancelled 


The cancelled tab shows you shipments you have cancelled from the parcels you have cancelled in the 'ready to send' overview. The parcels that are shown have a 'red' color and the tracking code is effaced. You can not use these labels anymore to ship to your customers. 


4. Fourth status: Action Required

Here are the parcels that could not be announced and require action before you can print a label. For example, a parcel couldn't be announced because of a mistake in the address. You can find that parcel here. 

Important to know! This tab only appears when a parcel needs action. If all the parcels are correctly announced than the 'Action Required' tab won't show. The parcels in this tab are marked with a 'white' status. 

Here you can choose in this overview, to delete, or to edit (by clicking on the parcel and save) and re-announce. This can be done on the right top of your overview. 


What else changed? 

When you are in the 'Ready to send' screen (see image above) and want to print your labels, you can see the following screen:

You can choose where you want the label has to be printed. When you use a labelprinter, you can choose 'print' and don't need any action. The print icon will default choose the 'top left' as a print setting. 


Do you have any questions or feedback about the new parcel list overview? Send a mail to or use the 'support' button in your SendCloud account to contact our services/sales team!