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How do we charge your shipments?

How do we charge your shipments?

We charge shipments that are announced to the carriers. Announcing a shipment means, converting orders to shipping labels. Automatically a tracking number will be created to ship a parcel.

Since all announced tracking numbers could be used to ship a parcel, they will be added to your invoice automatically when they are created. (Here you find how to cancel a shipment).

Attention: Before you can announce parcels you must complete the direct debit process. To complete this process you need to transfer 0,01 cent, which verifies your payment details.

When do I receive the first invoice?

You receive a simple invoice containing all your shipments every 14 days. To view all your (announced) shipments go to the shipment overview in your panel.

How can I complete the direct debit:

Step 1. Once you are logged in navigate to the settings, select 'Financial' and choose 'Direct debit'.


Step 2. Click on the blue button: 'Activate direct debit'. You are being forwarded to our payment partner Adyen:



Step 3. Now you can fill in your payment credentials:

- At 'Bank account holder name' fill in the name that you are registered with at your bank account. 

- At 'Country' fill in the country where the bank account is registered. 

- 'Bank account number' has to be the full bank account number (full IBAN/BIC).

Step 4. Select the checkbox to agree with the direct debit and choose the green button 'Pay'. 

Step 5. You will be redirected back to your SendCloud account. If you want to check the status of the direct debit go back to settings and click on financial – invoices.

If the status is 'in process', you can already make shipments!