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How can I cancel a shipment?

It could be the case that you created a shipping label for a parcel, which you are never going to send. It is possible to cancel the shipping label! The only condition is that you have to do this before 23:59 the same day you have announced the shipment. It is really important that you cancel your shipments on time; otherwise we need to charge the shipment on your next invoice.

You can cancel the shipment right away from you shipping overview. Want to know how to do this? Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select the shipment(s) you want to delete in your shipping overview. When you select the shipment(s) you see that you can select the button cancel: 



Step 2: Click on the button 'cancel' on the right. The following screen appears. Confirm and your shipment is cancelled.



Step 3: Go the overview ‘cancelled’; here you see all your cancelled orders in one overview.


Another option: When you open a shipment you get the 'details of the shipment'. Here you see the 'cancel shipment' button in red. Via this button it is also possible to cancel a shipment. 


Attention: Some carriers have different ‘deadlines’ Please check out the overview with cancelation deadlines below.

Carriers Deadline
DHL 23:59
Fadello 12:55
PostNL 23:59
DPD 23:59


What if i didn't make the deadline? 

Don’t worry if you didn’t make it to cancel your shipment before the cancelation deadline. It is still possible to cancel your shipping label. You only need to do it manually.

Go to support in your SendCloud panel and choose the support type ‘late cancelation for a cancellation’. Now you can request a credit. By filling in the track & trace number of the shipment our financial department gets a notice and will cancel the parcel. Within 15 working days you receive the credit invoice.