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Connect with Magento V2

In this article we explain how you can connect your Magento V2 webstore to your SendCloud account. 


Get started with the following:
1. Make a Magento rights role for the proper API rights
2. Create a Magento API  user to make it connect to your SendCloud account
3. Connect SendCloud to your Magento store
4. Start shipping!

Create an API role 

To create a link between your store and SendCloud, you need to set the right API connection with your Magento enviroment.

For this, first is it needed to create an API rights role within Magento. The role containts the settings that determine which parts of the shop SendCloud gets access to. 

- Choose in your Magento menu 'System' and 'User Roles'


- Choose 'Add new role'

- Give the 'Role' a name of your own choice

- After this, you can choose in the same menu for 'Role Recourses'. Here you select the following functionalities: Shipments, Sales, Operations, Orders, Actions, View and Edit. 

- You can now save the 'Role'. 

Make an API user 

Now the 'Role' has been made, we need to connect it to an API user.

- Choose for the orange button 'Add new user' after saving the 'Role information'

- Fill in the 'Account information' completely. 

At the last 'Current user identify verification' you fill in the password you use to log-in to your Magento back-end. 

- After this, choose 'User Role' to connect to the user you just made. Don't forget to click 'Save'. 

Lest stop: Connecting in SendCloud

- Log in to your SendCloud account and choose 'Integrations'. Choose at Magento V2 for 'add integration'. 

- Fill in the folloowing:
Name = Name of your webshop
Magento Host address = URL from your webshop (including http:// of https://)|
Magento username = The username you just created
Magento password = The password that you just made by creating the 'User role'. 
Webwinkel feedback = This is the feedback you want to give back to your webshop, for example when you announce a label > in your webshop your order will be set to 'send'. 

- Press 'Save' 


Your Magento 2 webshop is now connected to the SendCloud account. When you click on the Magento logo in your account, you can see your orders from your webshop.