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How does the SendCloud Insurance work?

You can use the SendCloud Insurance to ship insure your shipments. The SendCloud insurance is cheaper to use than the regular insurance, claiming is more convenient and you can insure your shipment for a lower amount (which again, makes the insurance cheaper). The maximum amount we can insure per shipment is € 2500. 


How do I insure a shipment via SendCloud?

1. When logged in to your SendCloud account you create a new shipment. 

You can enter the insurance amount in the form below:

2. When you select your shipping method, you can see the already insured value of the current shipping method. PostNL Netherlands is used for this example, so in this case it is €0,-. Some carriers already added insurance to their standard shipments, here you would be able to add extra insurance:

Important information: for example, when you select 'PostNL Abroad', you are already(standard) insured by the carrier up till €500,-. You can use the SendCloud insurance to insure an extra amount on top of the already insured amount. Example below, we have chosen 'PostNL Abroad' and we are adding an additional SendCloud Insurance for €100,-. So the total insured amount will be €600,- for this particular shipment:

3. When you have selected your shipping method, you can choose the value you want to insure. Fill in what amount you want to insure, for example €1000,- in below image. You can only fill in steps of a €100,-, so for example: €100,-,€200,-,€300,- etc. up to an amount of €2500,-:

4. After you filled in the value you can fill in the amount of shipments you want to insure. So when you have multiple shipments to the same customer, you can insure them all at once. In this example we are using below, we have insured 1 shipment:

5. When you choose save, your label is ready to print and the shipment is insured! 

What if you import your shipments from your webshop Integration? 

1. You go to your integration in your SendCloud account, in the example below it is an E-pages importer:


2. When you click one of the orders in your importer view, you get in the details of your shipment. Here you can fill in the details for the insurance. 

2. When opening one of your shipments, you can add the value the same way as described as previously described. When you selected your shipping method, you can choose the value you want to insure. Fill in the amount you want to insure, for example €1000,-:

Note: it is not possible to fill in the amount of shipments. 

3. When you click the save button, your insurance is saved within your shipment in the importer view.  

4. Use the checkbox to select the shipment and click on 'process order' to generate your label. 

6. Your shipping label is ready to print and it is insured!