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Create new shipment

In this article we will explain how to create a new shipment.
We now made it a lot easier to find the right shipping method based on the shipping country and the
parcel weight.

1. In the first column you can select to wich country you want to ship.

2. After selecting the right country and filling in all the address data you can fill in the weight of the parcel
in the second column.

3. When finished filling in the weight of the parcel we only display the available shipping options for the chosen parcelweight. In this case we want to ship a parcel with a weight of 15 kg and so it only shows the available shipping methods for this weight. When changing the weight to 31 kg you will see that the available shipping methods will change according to the weight of the parcel and the country to ship to.

Additionally we already include the extra fee you have to pay to this carrier for a parcel that is heavier
than 30 kg.

Note that this does not include fee you pay to the carrier for exceeding the maximum dimensions  and/or the maximum weight of the selected shipping method.