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Connect with Lightspeed

Step 1: SendCloud module

1. The SendCloud module can easily be installed via the Lightspeed App store. Log in into your backoffice of Lightspeed and go to App store.

2. Search in App store for 'SendCloud Importer'. Click on the App.

3. After you clicked on the App, the screen below appears. This screen explains SendCloud and what the module is used for. Click on the green button 'Install app'.

4. Het volgende scherm komt dan in beeld. Vul hier je Lightspeed inloggegevens in. Dit scherm zorgt ervoor dat SendCloud toegang krijgt tot de benodigde gegevens in Lightspeed.

5. After you entered your credentials, click on 'Next' followed by 'Grant access'.

Step 2: Connect with Lightspeed

6. After you entered the Lightspeed details and clicked 'Grant access' you'll be redirected to SendCloud. The available shipments are shown, click on the setting icon to change some basic settings. The screen below appears:

Here you can change the moment when feedback about shipments is fed back to Lightspeed. Also Lightspeed can take care of sending the actual Track&Trace e-mails. 

Further more Lightspeed supports service points, read all about setting up service points for Lightspeed in the following article.