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Connect with WooCommerce

Connecting with WooCommerce

With this article you can read in several easy steps how to connect your WooCommerce with your
SendCloud account. SendCloud uses a simple plugin to connect with your WooCommerce webshop to assure you it is an easy and fast connection to implement.


Step 1. Install the SendCloud plugin

In your WooCommerce environment you can find the SendCloud plugin at ‘Plugins’ in your sidebar menu. Search here for SendCloud and install the SendCloud plugin.


Step 2. Connect with SendCloud

Once you installed the SendCloud plugin in your WooCommerce you need to connect it with SendCloud. To do this go to your ‘WooCommerce’ tab and press ‘SendCloud’ in the upper menu. Here you select ‘Connect with SendCloud’.



After selecting ‘Connect with SendCloud’ you will be directed to your SendCloud integration page. In this page your webshop-information is already filled in. You only need to submit the form to connect with your webshop. Click on the blue button ‘Submit’ on the right side.


Step 3. Activate the SendCloud Plugin

Lastly you will need to activate your plugin in your WooCommerce profile. This can be done via ‘Plugins’ and search for SendCloud and press ‘Activate’.
Now you have finished your installation.

If you want to give your customers the option to have their parcel delivered to a parcelshop you can choose to install our new Service points for WooCommerce. Click here to do this in a few simple steps.


Problems installing the plugin & connecting with SendCloud

If SendCloud reports back that the shop gave an unexpected results, please make sure that your shop's Permalink Settings are set to "Post name" as shown in the screenshot below.