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Connect with ePages

In order to connect your ePages store to SendCloud we need to activate the integration. This is simple process which will take only a few minutes.

First of all log in to the SendCloud Panel. We are going to install the SendCloud App from within ePages. During installation of the app you are redirected automatically to the SendCloud Panel. If you are logged in SendCloud the Integration is immediately set up properly and you don't have to login during this process. So be sure that you are logged in to the right SendCloud account which you want to use in combination with our ePages store.

1. Go to your ePages web store and enter the app store of ePages.

Go to your ePages backend. Login the administration panel and enter the app store. The app store can be found in the App's and Themes menu.

2. Search for the SendCloud app

Search for the SendCloud app. Hover with the mouse over the icon and click on "Find out more"

3. Click on the install app button and accept the permissions.


Click on the install app button.

And accept the permissions.

If you are not correctly logged in SendCloud will present you a login screen.
After logging in the process of connecting the application continues.

4. Open SendCloud

You will immediately return to the app page in your ePages store. 
Click on "Open app" to open your SendCloud panel.

5. Open the ePages importer screen and start shipping.

In the SendCloud overview you now see a ePages logo in the top bar. Click on it to enter the order importer screen. Be sure to select a valid date range and you should see the orders which you can process.