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Connect with Amazon

Step 1: Connect Amazon with SendCloud

1.1 First things first To connect Amazon to SendCloud you need to go to the following url: https://developer.amazonservices.de/ Next step you click on 'MWS Aktivierung'

1.2 Login with your Professional Seller Account on the next page: 

1.3 The next screen will appear when you log in. You select the first option 'I want to acces my own Amaazon seller account with MWS'. and click on next.

1.4 You have to accept the Amazon MWS License Agreement to proceed to the right credentials.

Step 2: Copy the keys into SendCloud

2.1 On this screen you see all the credentials necessary to copy in SendCloud. Please note that you only can copy one 'Marketplace ID' in one SendCloud account. If you've got multiple Amazon accounts, you should connect to multiple SendCloud accounts first. Please contact us for creating your accounts.

Attention!!: You can only see this page once, otherwise you have to start the process again

2.2 When you login into your SendCloud account via panel.sendcloud.nl/be/de, go to 'Integrations'. Under Shop importers you find your Amazon configuration.

By clicking on 'Activate' you will end up on the 'Integrations' page were you paste all the necessary keys out of your Amazon MWS page in the previous step and click 'Save'.