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Service points add-on for WooCommerce

Service points offer your customers an improved experience by selecting the location where the shipment is delivered. General information about service points can be read here.

Installing the SendCloud plugin

WooCommerce can be installed via the Wordpress plugin directory or via the plugin section in the admin page of Wordpress.

First make sure your WooCommerce is connected correctly. We require a minimum version of 2.5.0 of your WooCommerce installation.

After doing this you can install the plugin.

Last but not least, click on the "Activate" link of the SendCloud plugin.

Setting up service points

Visit the settings page of the shop in SendCloud. The screen as shown below appears.

Click on "Service point" opens a list of available carriers. Choose the carriers that you would like to enable to your customers.

Setting up the shipping method

To let users pick a service point during checkout your WooCommerce needs to have a shipping method setup. This needs to be setup via your shop's backoffice. First go to the "Shipping"-tab on the WooCommerce settings page, as shown below.

Than add a shipping method to the zones you want to allow service point delivery to by clicking on the plus sign (+) next to the Zone name.

You can edit the shipping method to add the correct pricing and other details. Note: the shipping method needs to have a price set in order to appear in your checkout.

Customer experience

When your customer are in the checkout procedure they get the option to choose between the shipping methods you setup in the backoffice. One of these methods should be the "service point delivery" method.

If your customer selects this method during checkout a button appears. Offering them the option to select a service point: a map will be shown with locations of service points nearby.